Posted: September 20, 2008 in

What would you do when you see your boyfriend/girlfriend/[just] friend is crying because of you?

  1. markontie says:

    tampolin aja non-stop 3 jam..

    ntar juga diem sendiri, dijamin, sip ah.. yuuk..

  2. DJoniE says:

    Kasih tisu, kain lap, ato apalah buat ngelap mukanya…
    Trus suruh diem deh…

  3. alfapyuee says:

    girlfriend: hold her hand, tell her u’re sorry, and be honest.

    boyfriend: look him on his eyes, smile and tell him the best joke u could remember, and then tell him u’re sorry.

    just friend: sit next to him/her. tell him u’re sorry. ask if they want to have some snack or drink.

  4. primadianto says:

    kontie : pengalaman sama jon ya?

    jon : pengalaman sama kontie ya?

    alin : thx, akhirnya temen waras gw ngasih komen. :))

  5. hage says:

    hhahaha kasih pelukan to, siapin dada gw gw yg penuh bulu bwt meluk, ntar jg cewenya jd nafsu ndiri

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