no regret..

Posted: September 14, 2008 in BareBas

for once in my life., just once..

please god, let me live my life with regret..


what doesnt kill me, only makes me stronger.

  1. DJoniE says:

    Waduh, si Anto bahaya nih… Napa lu? Jangan mate dulu… Kita masih 1 kelompok PTI.. 😀

  2. wennyaulia says:

    biarin aja sih, par…
    udah selesai ini KKN-nya 😆

  3. primadianto says:

    kurang ajar yah semuanya..
    sini maju satu2…!!

  4. alfapyuee says:

    breath different air.
    look at different sky.
    think about what u did, and make a promise that u won’t do such thing anymore…

    life goes on. without (the same) regret this time.

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